It’s very difficult to pigeon-hole Jana’s style.  While “retro” is a definite constant, there’s great diversity of styles and origins of pieces between (and even within!) the looks she presents each time we get together…

“My look today is really collection of things that I like and even though they might look quite eclectic, everything belongs.  Like, this bag repeats in the shoes, and the cream tones tie all of the accessories together.  My dress is probably early 80s?  The glasses have a definite 70s feel to them, but they are modern, unprescripted lenses.  The gold rims tone with my yellow nail polish.  I got the glasses from a friend, who looked a bit, um… dodgy in them!  My hair is a bit Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  Subversive you say?  Yes, well, I guess I like to be a bit cheeky in my approach to fashion”

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