It was a surprisingly warm and sunny day when Hannah and I got together to shoot for the real style project.  Summer’s last breath before the icy blast hit…

“I cannot say that my influences are designers or fashion icons. But comfort is a big thing for me.  You will rarely see me in tight, fitted, structured or tailored things.  Except for skinny jeans maybe.  I like it when things are a bit loose and drapey.  It makes me feel comfortable and at ease.  If I had to choose a New Zealand designer or label that makes a lot of sense to me, then Nelson designer Liann Bellis springs to mind.  I like her stuff.  I like the classic, gentle tailoring that she does.  It’s very clever, and you know I think it’s the kind of clever that often falls below the radar.  And I like the brand Lonely Quite different than Liann Bellis.  More youthful, yes and girly I suppose.  Like this skirt.  I wear it all the time”.

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