One of the things I love about Maria is the depth and wealth of experience she has in the high-end vintage and second-hand clothing trade.  This week we talked about how things have changed in recent years…

“It’s not the same as it used to be.  There’s an amazing leopard-skin print coat in the shop at the moment and a few years back that would have been snapped up at the price it is at. The internet and on-line sales will have changed things a lot.  My son has his own clothing trade business now and the things he sells? I haven’t even heard of some of them! There’s a real growth in 80s and 90s clothing, and streetwear of that time. So maybe it’s a combination of things, a new generation of clothing buyers who want different things and seek them out in different ways?  Yes, brown was a very 90s colour now that you mention it.  The Coach shoes and bags all match, which is a kind-of dated concept, but also a very 90s thing that’s already coming back in the States”.

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