Environmental sustainability and ethical manufacturing are buzz words in the fashion industry at the moment.  For some women of style, they are also personal values that have shaped their wardrobes and even careers.  Like Paula…

“A lot of my earlier decisions were around cost and affordability.  I love beautiful fabric and quality things, which generally means expense.  So I became resourceful in finding quality things that I could afford.  Trade Me, op-shopping and, most of all, making my own things is generally how I’ve been able to do it.  And ultimately it’s led me to a career in the business of making at The Little Beehive Coop.  It’s all about supporting local makers, especially women, and encouraging authenticity and creativity.

But you can’t get everything in this way!  I tend to buy knitwear, jeans and shoes new, as I cannot make them or source them reliably elsewhere.  In the past it was more of a money thing, but now I think that the environment and the ethics of where we get our things from is also really important to me.  Do you know who made your clothes?  I made this top, and the earrings were hand made by Marita Green, a New Zealand ceramics artist.  My shoes are Rollies, a quality Australian brand.  I have learned the hard way that it pays to spend more on quality, especially shoes”.dsc_0064.jpg



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