One of the things that I find myself doing a lot of is using my photo session time with my well-dressed subjects to learn more about styling.  I like to find out how they put things together and what makes sense to them.  Like this, from Judy…

“I think that a really good investment piece is one that can be worn in any number of occasions and throughout the year.  I believe in investing in quality things, things that last forever.  Like this coat by Zambesi, that I’ve had forever and bought from Palm.  And the dress which is also Zambesi and was bought more recently for a wedding.  Yes, it’s about as girly as I will ever get!  A little black dress!  But both pieces are things you can wear throughout the year.  For me, the styling trick is to balance the lightness of them with something weighty on the bottom.  It anchors the look, like these boots.  They make the dress more casual and more wintry.  All of my outfits are like that.  If it’s lighter and more “girly” I will give the outfit balance with something heavy on the bottom.  Great outfits are all about the balance”.

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