I love stories that involve family connections.  Kate’s story this week involves heirloom jewellery and the influence of her mother.  And one too many coffee martinis…

“My grandmother passed away earlier this year.  She gave all of her granddaughters a piece of her jewellery and I inherited these rings.  No, she wasn’t really into clothes like I am.  That’s definitely from my Mum.  We do have a very similar style, although mine is more ‘rock’ than hers.  What do I remember of those influences?  Well, I think I began to notice her style in my early teens.  I remember thinking ‘Mum has some really cool clothes’.  And so I began to raid her wardrobe, and have been doing so ever since!  These shoes were from her.  But the dress and bag are my own.  They are from a recent shopping trip with some girlfriends.  The dress is by Karen Walker and the bag is Deadly Ponies.  I think I had had one too many coffee martinis for lunch that day and went a bit crazy!”

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