As Jana and I have gotten to know each other better, through the real-style project, I have come to discover a lot of common values.  One of these is the idea and importance of authenticity…

“This tee-shirt is the real deal, a genuine souvenir tee-shirt from the Chatham Islands.  It is probably 30 or 40 years old, but brand new.  I love vintage tee-shirts, and I’m always picking them up.  This one was extra cool because it had never been worn.  Would I have bought the exact same thing brand new from Glassons or Jay-Jays today?  No way!  Which when you think about it almost seems a bit silly.  I mean, what’s the difference? But then the ‘real deal’ is so much more valuable to me.   The authenticity of something, the originality of something, it is important.  It might just be in our heads, but it matters.  I suppose it’s the same thing when you buy a designer label.  You might be able to get the same or a very similar thing elsewhere and much more cheaply, but it’s not the real thing”.

One thought on “Jana

  1. Still cant believe Jana has so many looks…The fact that she owns her own look every day..Never thinking twice about the opinions of the populous, makes her totally unique. This is another reason I live her to death..


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