Jacqui and I are both fashion stylists, for Nelson’s ‘Admire’ and ‘Wild Tomato’ magazines respectively.  We also hold down day jobs as environmental planners for the Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council.  You could say, we have a lot in common…

“Yes I do love thrifting like you.  It’s my fast fashion fix.  I will buy things and wear them a few times until I have had my fun and then return them, often to the place that I found them.  It’s a more environmentally sustainable way of getting that shopping buzz.  And I suppose you could say I am a great supporter of local charities!  But no, my style and my wardrobe are not all second hand.  I do also buy new things, and more recently have been making a conscious effort to buy into really good quality foundation pieces.  You know, the ones that form the core of your wardrobe?  They never really date, and all of the fun stuff just works around them.  That way I can just have my fun with second-hand clothing, but also have that anchor of really good quality new things”.

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