Shannon is one of my real-style corporate style inspirations.  Curiously, her style has become “Nelsonified” and much less corporate, a subject that we chat about in this week’s style story…


“When I lived in Wellington and worked for the Ministry for Social Development, the dress code was much more formal.  I would wear fitted dresses, suits, and tailored separates.  It was very much the corporate thing.  When I came to Nelson it became quickly obvious that this wasn’t appropriate!  Well, this was partly because of where I was working, Gibbons Construction,  but also the Nelson vibe.  We are much more informal here, and dressing up like that felt a bit wrong.  These days I will dress for the expectations of my working day, and as the business is in construction and I work with a lot of men, I tend to dress down.  No, it’s not a bad thing in terms of my own style.  I still dress for me, but it’s less formal”.





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