I have known Tania for many years now, and have always admired her resourceful and authentic approach to style.  I caught up with her recently to find out a little bit more about it..

“About 90% of my wardrobe is second-hand.  It has always been like that, I think. I have always op-shopped and thrifted most of my wardrobe.  No, it’s not really a money thing.   Or necessarilly a conscience thing, although the environment and ethics of fashion is something that’s important to me.  I think that I just find op-shops more interesting and diverse.  Creativity is a big motivator, I think.  I see potential in things and that makes it more interesting.  Like this coat, which was actually a Kilt coat that had a huge collar and didn’t have these buttons.  I re-fashioned the collar and the buttons are actually brooches from Trade Aid.  I added some mustard coloured stitching to one of them to make it tie in with the coat.  The bag was an op-shop find.  But no, I didn’t intentionally colour-coordinate it with Monty’s leash!”

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