Emily-Rae and I may have plenty of life and style differences, but one thing I see strongly of myself in her is her genuine passion for fashion.  We are kindred spirits in our unabashed fashion-enthusiasm…

“Oh gosh, I could talk about fashion endlessly!  Where do I start?  Well, for a start, it’s hard to define my style into just one category. I love to play with different styles, and I’m inspired by different eras and trends. I dress in what makes me feel confident and in silhouettes that best flatter my petite frame. One day you might see me in a structured chic attire and the next completely boho. I do tend to shop High Street and op-shops a lot, and I strongly believe that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look fabulous.  Like these pants, which were an $8 op-shop find.  Paxton my son, has recently turned one and before having him I had a lot more time to put into searching the op-shops and racks for gems.   These days I tend to shop for more statement pieces that I can match with basics to save me time in the mornings! I also tend to dress in more comfortable outfits now as I am needing to keep up with Paxton”.

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