I love it that Catherine’s style changes from week to week.  I love it that she swings from vintage inspired, to designer classic to fashion contemporary, and then back again.  This week she shares a more contemporary look, but it’s still Catherine and she adds a contemporary art spin to it…

“My jewellery is by New Zealand ceramics artist Marita Green, a brand we sell at the Gallery.  The little hand is especially cute, and I love the ring, which is gold leaf.  My daughter Bella gave it to me for my birthday.  My bag is from my daughter Aria.  Well, it was a birthday present from me to her!  I sneaked it out to use today.  She will know it now!  Yes, I suppose you could say that my look is quite contemporary-classic today.  Lots of neutrals.  It used to be much more “vintagey”, although I tended to buy new pieces to create that vintage look.  I bought my shoes from Taylors and they were such a great purchase, I love them!  Yes, they are unusual but still quite classic at the same time.”

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