Jana and I trade in secondhand clothing, and so always have plenty to chat about.  This week we talked about attachment, the intrinsic value of some clothing, and how letting go of things isn’t always that easy….

“Oh but you should see my wardrobe!  It is chokka, and there are lots of amazing things in there.  Many of them I don’t and never will wear.  Yes, I could try to sell them but do you know I actually get really attached to some things. I like them too much for what they are, and cannot bear the thought of someone else having them where they might not be appreciated.  I would hate to see them end up in some landfill somewhere because they’re not looked after.  Yes I suppose you could say that I love clothing for its own sake.  Like you might like art or something.  This handbag has particular value to me because it was my Grandmother’s, and she passed away very recently.  I inherited it from her.  The shoes I borrowed from a friend.  They have barely been worn, and are Orla Kiely for Clarkes.  Yeah they’re pretty groovy alright”.

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