A common theme amongst all of the women I photograph, and myself, is the acknowledgement that we enjoy fresh ideas, new (to us) clothing or accessories, and different ways of putting things together.  I asked Kate about her approach to new and different, and how she shops to find it…

“I do tend to wear the same things to work.  But when I go out and on the weekends and stuff, I like to do things a bit differently each time.  I think that it’s the creativity that makes it enjoyable.  I do like new things too.  Don’t we all?  My shopping strategy is fast!  I tend not to look at each thing on the racks, just what I am attracted to, the colour or the style.  I also like to find things that are a bit different, like these boots that have the goldy-coloured wedge on the heel.  I knew I wanted boots, but I wanted them to be a bit different.  They are by Molini and I bought them online from a shop called Churchfields that is based in Masterton.  They were the last pair”.


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