Julie’s work environment demands that she wears a uniform, so it is when she is off duty that her style really shines.  I asked her why dressing well in her own time was important to her…

“I work part time and I am a Mum, but recently I have cut back on my hours.  I have been wanting a bit more balance.  I now do a Pilates class during the day since my youngest started school, so I’m finding a bit more time for me.  No, I don’t get dressed up for work as I wear a uniform.  So it is during my time off that I dress for myself.  Why is it important?  Well, clothes make me happy. If I am dressed nicely, then I feel good.  It is something for me.  Does that make sense?  I like clothing that is casual and comfortable but still smart.  These boots are by Beau Coops and the shopper is by Saben.  My t-shirt is by Sassind, a fab brand.  Shirt is Elk, love Elk.  The rest is Max”.

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