Maria and I talked about the differences people have around the idea of clothing value, especially in buying second-hand clothes and “labels”.  Here is some of that discussion in relation to quality vintage things…

“I don’t really understand it, to be honest.  There are some really amazing vintage things around, and people don’t seem to see value in them.  People will quite happily spend a few hundred dollars on chain-store items, but not on a really good quality vintage garment.  The new garment will date and have to be replaced a few seasons later, whereas the vintage garment is usually timeless.  And the quality is so much better.  They go on being beautiful, a little bit different and stylish year after year!  You just can’t buy really good quality anymore.  Even some of the designer labels out there.  When you study them, the quality is okay, but nothing on what it used to be.  I am often surprised at how much people seem prepared to pay for a big designer label”.


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