I am curious about how a woman’s style evolves over time.  What are the triggers?  Why do we change?  I chatted with Annabelle about how her style has changed in the last decade, and this is a snippet of that conversation…

“Ten years ago I was living in Wellington, and for a lot of my time there I was a student.  I was very “indie” back then.  It was an experimental kind of a time, fashionably speaking.  It was creative and I had to be resourceful.  No, not really grunge, but eclectic.  I would wear unusual things together, and there were a lot of opshop things. I would buy interesting things that caught my eye.  Could be anything really!  I wasn’t so fussed on the quality and condition of things back then as I am now. Yes, I am much fussier.  My look is more preppy than indie now.  It’s tidier and more conservative but in a good way.  I think that when you get close to your 30s and you are trying to build a career, you need to look the part”.

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