My current curiousity in fashion is how a woman’s style evolves over time.  How does it change and why does it change?  Here is how Kellie’s has changed in the last twenty odd years…

“I have always been a bit alternative and resourceful.  That hasn’t changed much at all.  But in my twenties I was more hippy and grungey.  There was a lot of op-shop in my outfits in those days, like old man’s pants and vintage flares and the like.  Then in my 30s I discovered vintage, especially the 1950s.  It was a bit pin-up or rockabilly I suppose you could say, although that was before rockabilly was a ‘thing’.  These days it is less about the look and more about valuing individual pieces and outfits that work.  Like, ‘it’s an oldie but a goodie’ type approach to my wardrobe.  I still love my op-shopping but I don’t seem to have much time for it these days”.

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