It has been too long since photographing Tessa!  She is an elusive and camera-shy subject.  But we did get together this week on a bright and blustery Nelson day, and it was truly lovely to see her again.  This is something of what we chatted about…

“I am not always sure if I have the answers to some of the questions you ask me about my style.  I have never really given it much thought, beyond knowing what I like.  I could tell you that ‘I don’t like lace, or lacy things’, but then next week I might be out and about and spot something lacy that I really like.  I just know what I like when I see it.  Like this ‘Dressed’ pinafore dress that I recently bought at the Shine sale, I loved it straight off.  And the gold pendant that I am wearing.  We were on holiday and shopping at a market and I spotted this table full of beautiful jewellery.   My husband said ‘Oh I think Tessa will like these’ and he was right.  I could have bought everything!  But I could only afford the one thing.  And I just love it”.

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