It was only the second time we’d met, but it felt as if I had known Dusa for years.  Not only does she love fashion as I do, but she also has a very resourceful and creative approach to her style.  Like me, she is always looking for newness and creativity…

“My wardrobe is bursting at the seams.  It really is full.  And it probably could do with an overhaul.  But I am reluctant to get rid of things.  I might not wear something for a long time, but then I will get it out and it will be something fresh and different to me.  I think that’s why I do so much op-shopping.  I like things that are different and new.  I couldn’t deal with a small wardrobe based on perfectly coordinated classics or whatever because I would get bored.  This dress was bought from Savemart, and I made the earrings with a friend who works with leather.  These were made from leather off-cuts.  The bag was purchased from Trade Me – I got it at a bit of a bargain price, as it was brand new and by Deadly Ponies”.

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