Morrison Styles

Maxime Noir – Portmans Store Manager

I have always known Maxime to be genuine, warm and friendly.  When she’s in the store I’m often drawn in for a quick look and a chat, even when I probably should be doing something else!  What I did not know until photographing her for the blog was her genuine passion and ambition for fashion…

“I knew that I wanted to work in some area of fashion.  And although at the time I did not have any experience, I applied for the position at Portmans and got it.  I do want to take it further in fashion, perhaps some other behind the scenes aspect of fashion, but it is a great job and I enjoy what I do.  The best part of being in retail is the people.  I learn so much from the women who come in.  That is where I get most of my ideas and inspiration from.  I don’t really follow any celebrity or label or icon or anything.   It’s the people I meet who inspire me.  Although I would not say that I am a text-book “Portmans girl”, I do own and wear a lot of the label, because it’s fun and fashion forward and there’s always something new and different.  We are not required to wear top to toe Portmans in the shop, but I choose to”.

Maxine chose to wear the Samara ruffle dress ($119.99), Page zip coat ($179.99) and Kristin sunglasses ($44.99).  All are available from Portmans at Morrison Square.  Her shoes and stockings are her own.


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