There was something a bit different about Catherine this week.  Her look was less girlie, darker and somehow more earthy.  She showed me how to work an all black outfit in a way that wasn’t… all black!  We talked a little about this…

“I definitely don’t have a sense of having a particular look or way of dressing all of the time.  I would like to think that my style is quite varied.  I dressed from the skirt upwards, so to speak.  As in, I decided I wanted to wear it and then just styled the rest around it.  It is by New Zealand label World, given to me by a friend.  It has an interesting ‘bustle’ at the back.  I liked the plain black merino top as it’s a good backdrop for the necklace, which is a real art piece in it’s own right.  It is by Neil Adcock and from the Gallery.  And the bag too, which is by Loyal Workshop.  The boots are mine from Overland and yes, I suppose the black lace-up boot is a little bit Victorian like the skirt!”.

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