I have found the word! It’s “old worldly”.  And it’s a word I’ve been searching for to describe Jacqui’s (and others’) style.  It’s not vintage or retro, nor is it old-fashioned.  But it has a sensibility that resonates with a way of dressing that reminds me of times gone by.  This is not by accident…

“I am not sure if it’s a 1930s look, but I am inspired by that era.  I love it.  My Nanna has recently moved to Nelson to be closer to our family, and she was a young woman during the 1930s and 1940s.  She is my style inspiration.  She tells stories of when she worked at Ballentynes during the 1940s, and of the dress etiquette that they had to abide by.  It was all about hats and gloves and stockings.  So elegant.  When stockings became scarce during World War II, they would pretend to be wearing them by drawing a fake stocking backseam down their legs.  I have always been fascinated by the elegance of her style sense, she is my inspiration.  No the hat style isn’t very 1930s nor any item I am wearing, really.  But the long feminine silhouette is, and the boots and stockings.  The idea of it is there”.

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