Morrison Styles

Jeff Hunt, Rodd & Gunn

It’s a Silk Purse, Oily Rag milestone!  My first man-style post, setting a new precedent for the blog.  Jeff is this week’s Morrison Styles personality from Rodd & Gunn of Morrison Square.  And what a fantastic shoot it was too! Jeff is a retailer with a genuine passion for what he does, and a love for helping people.  We talked about working in retail, and how neither happiness nor style is guaranteed by money…

“I have always been a retailer by trade, but one day I decided I needed to experience something new and I went to Wellington to study.  After completing a Bachelor of Commerce at Uni I worked in a professional role with a Human Resources firm.  But I discovered my true passion was in fact retailing!  I really do love it, and a lot of people are surprised that I would go back into the industry.  But you have to do what you are passionate about.  Not everything is about the dollar, and while money may give you other opportunities I feel like they are wasted if that is the only reason you are doing it.  And money doesn’t give style.  I love my role because I get to help people every day to feel and look their best.  And not only that, I get to provide a level of service and quality that the customer deserves.  It really is so touching when someone says that they have appreciated your time and advice”.

Jeff wears pure Egyptian cotton shirt ($149), pants ($169), jacket ($399) and made in NZ satchel ($699), all available from Rodd and Gunn of Morrison Square, in Nelson on Hardy Street.

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