My Style

Blogging about my own personal style for the first time was always going to be an awkward moment.  It is one thing to share the voice and style of another woman. But to share your own?  Well, let’s just say there were many false starts, and some serious procrastination went on behind the scenes.  But here it is!  Here I am!  Finally, painfully, and somewhat awkwardly, my style…

I intentionally chose a ‘safe’ look to blog about as a first.  It’s one that made me feel good the day I wore it and one that wasn’t too challenging to myself or the people around me.  Although my workmates at my ‘day job’ know me well, and are never too surprised, there are days when my attire becomes… conversational! This look drew no comments, and got me through the day unnoticed, which was just what I wanted.

From a fashion styling perspective, the key elements of the look are the colours, the textures of key pieces, and careful styling of accent accessories.

Blue, being a cool colour, is always set off beautifully by warm neutrals, such as beige, camel and caramel.  In keeping with this, I unconsciously selected natural textures for the neutral elements, like suede, wood, tortoiseshell and cane.

My earrings, which were a gift from my sister, ceramics artist Marita Green, were my statement piece.  And while most of the time my styling choices are in fact intuitive, I consciously matched the circular white swirl print on my blouse to the white circle of porcelain from the earrings.  The off-white leather lace-ups completed the look.

My coat is vintage suede, bought from Nostalgia in Nelson.  My jeans and shoes are both by Elk and from Shine.  My blouse was a charity shop find, actually bought for my on-line Trade Me shop! (but I fell in love with it and kept it for myself). I do not recall where I got my cane basket from, but it is a second-hand find.  My glasses were an ‘investment buy’ from Palm and they are by Karen Walker.  My Marita Green earrings were a gift, but similar ones can be found at Nelson’s Craig Potton Gallery.

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