Morrison Styles

Dayna Rose, Manager of Dotti

Dayna Rose is a people person through and through!  And this shows in her friendly, easy manner in store as Manager of Nelson’s Dotti.  She talks about this as well as her love of contemporary style in this week’s Morrison Styles style story…

“What do I love about my job?  Well, I do love it when new things come in.  That’s always exciting.  But I think day to day, it’s about the people who some in.  I love seeing and interacting with people, helping them and chatting with them.  I love seeing how they dress and style things.  Everyone’s so different!  And even though we are a ‘young persons’ store, a lot of our styles do work well for all ages.  It’s interesting to see what older women are drawn to and how they style things. I learn from all of the women that I help”

Dayna wears cropped cape ($79.99), square-necked Everly crop cami – ($24.99), textured Everly culotte ($59.99), two-strap dress heel ($59.99) and Nevada wicker canteen bag ($45.99).  All of these products are currently available at Dotti in Nelson’s Morrison Square.

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