My Style

A big difference between the styling I do for glossy editorial fashion and dressing myself, is how I feel.  And for me, feeling comfortable is important.  But I’m not just talking physical comfort.  I’m talking psychological comfort, feeling okay with myself and easy in my skin because of what I’ve chosen to wear. Often, this means wearing clothes that are loose and long, as this allows me to feel hidden and safe.  And this was this driver behind my week’s style choices…

Styling Notes

Want to know how I styled this outfit?  This week’s choices centred primarly around the colour palette of my silk top.  Each item tied in some way to those colours, with black as an anchor colour for accessories.

Use a multi-coloured print as the colour palette for your outfit, using it to ‘tie together’ colours that might otherwise look wrong together…

I also played with form and silhouette. In this case I coordinated the loose and fluid lines of the top with the longline cardi and maxi-length pinafore. Each was drapey and soft.  To complement this, my bag was a soft leather piece, free from clean hard lines.

To finish the look I chose to wear stomping boots, my favourites!  You might say they are out of place with the soft, feminine lines of the rest of the outfit, but for me they are the ‘spice’.  They repeat the utility of the pinafore, add strength to my otherwise gentle look, and masculine swagger to my stride.  They also toned fabulously with my cardi, the pattern of which repeats in the detail of the boot studs.

My dress and cardigan were both Shine purchases, by labels Dressed and Elk respectively.  My silk top was an op-shop find that my sister discovered and sent to me.  It’s pure silk, and the colours are devine (thanks Sis!).  My handbag, earrings and boots are all second-hand, the boots from Nelson’s Labels, handbag from Eclectic and earrings from a local op-shop.  The earrings are vintage glass, and they are currently my favourites.

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