My Style

There’s a lot of nerd in me. However defined, I often like to dress in a bookish, straight-laced kind of a way.  Among other things, this means I’m drawn to shirts buttoned to the neck, librarian skirts, brogues, glasses, handknitted cardigans, ‘nanna’ frocks and school-girl backpacks.  It’s a side of me I’ve chosen to amplify rather than hide, and when I dress in this way I feel a sense of peace.  Like, ‘this is me and I feel good like this’.  Oddly, it also makes me feel stronger within myself.  This to me is an example of finding a style that is ‘you’.  It makes you feel peaceful and powerful at the same time.


Styling Notes

Want to know how this look was put together?  It’s a look centred around me wanting to be very square for the day.  As above, it’s a way of dressing that makes me feel right in myself.

It was built up from the white shirt worn buttoned to the neck, and school-girl stockings with lace-ups.  I chose the clean, tailored lines of a denim wrap dress to emphasise the collar and cuffs.  It also has a hint of pinafore about it, reminding me of a nurse’s apron or my daughter’s school uniform.

A black leather back-pack was the obvious choice in bag, and minimalist jewellery and accessories, not wanting to distract from the school-girlishness.  The little bow pin brooch was a quirky and fitting accessory, reminding me of Girl-Guide acheivement brooches or military medals and such-like.

The white shirt is a silk Assembly blouse, purchased some years ago now from Trouble & Fox.  My dress is by Nelson fashion designer Robyn Reynolds, a piece that I’m really loving right now!  I’m wearing a second hand leather backpack from Nelson’s Eclectic, and sunglasses from Matthews Eyewear.  My ring is my wedding and engagement ring, but my studs were cheapies from The Warehouse.  My only op-shop finds this week are the bow brooch, to which I added the black drop bead myself.  My leather cuff-watch was a Nelson Recycle Centre find.

2 thoughts on “My Style

  1. Love love love. I flirt between styles one day I’m boho, the next minimalist, the next rock chic gone a bit west ! I love how you see people and bring out their styles and confidence just how you did with my best friend and sister from another mister Dusa xxx much love soph xx


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