Morrison Styles

David Walker, Barker’s Retail Assistant

One of the things I love most about the real style project, is meeting and getting to know new people.  I am often humbled by peoples’ stories, and enlightened by their take on the value of fashion and style.  This week’s subject David Walker of Barkers is no exception…

“In Sydney and other places in the world I worked as a chef, after training and working through the ranks. I was leading large, high-end brigades in top restaurants.  The job was emotionally, physically and mentally demanding, pushing every limit possible.  I was sometimes working up to 100hrs per week, which didn’t leave much time for anything else.  After 20 years as a Chef, I decided I’d had enough.  I returned to NZ to be among family and friends.   I love all types of fashion, particularly clothes I can enjoy wearing, and so the job at Barkers was perfect for me.   Working in retail is a ‘breath of fresh air’ in comparison to hospitality, due to the lack of stress and the slower pace.  Clothing is a form of creative expression which I always adore”.

David wears shirt ($89.99), pants ($99.99), bag ($299.99), jacket ($229.99), shoes ($75) and belt ($59.99), all by Barkers and available at the time of writing from the Barkers Store at Morrison Square (on Hardy Street).


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