My Style

I remember everything about the moment I found, tried on and bought this silk dressing gown.  Yes, the blue and white floral piece I am wearing is a dressing gown.  It’s special because it’s the only thing I am ever likely to own by Christian Dior.  It’s pure silk, and I loved it the moment I put it on in the St John’s Ambulance charity shop on Rutherford Street.  I am not sure what the lovely elderly lady thought of me and my excitement for it.  It’s the most expensive thing I have ever bought from an op-shop.  I left $65 dollars poorer but with a huge twinkle in my eye and swagger in my stride.  It’s treasure hunting at its best.

Styling Notes

Needless to say, this look is all about the dressing gown.  But, because of that, it needed some serious grounding so as not to look too ‘boudoir’.

The sleeveless wool coat was the perfect complement and anchor to the gown.  It’s the kind of coat that you can keep on indoors, so partially covering the dressing-gown-ness of the main piece.  The black lace on the gown sleeves and pockets connected the two pieces well, giving the look strong coherence.   I wore a vintage lace slip underneath the gown to ensure I would be covered at all times!  My black boots and leather bag kept the look grounded and strong.

I tried on a few large white ‘statement’ earrings before settling on the large silver flowers.  While white would have been a great way to repeat the colour of flowers in the gown, the silver was more subtle.  I like the way the silver flowers look so similar to the flowers in the fabric.  A simple silver pendant completed the look.

My coat is a highly loved and treasure piece I’ve worn to death this winter, by New Zealand designer Wynn Hamlyn from Palm.  Although it extended me considerably in the financial sense, it’s been worth every cent.  As mentioned, my Christian Dior dressing gown was bought from the St Johns Ambulance charity store in Nelson.  I cannot recall the shop that I found them in, but my earrings were a $2 charity shop find.  My vintage lace slip was also a charity shop find.  I recall that I bought the Karen Walker pendant when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Harriet.  I’ve had my boots ‘forever’ and they were from Country Road.  My bag is by Status Anxiety, another item I’ve thrashed, and was from Trouble & Fox.


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