Great style is, in part, a function of taking a considered approach to how you spend your money.  I like Annabelle’s philosophy, a blend of old and new and careful spending on the things that matter…

“Money has always affected my style, I suppose you could say.  I mean, I’ve never had a lot to spend on clothes, but style has always been important to me.  I guess that’s why I have always been an op-shopper.  But when I do spend more, it will be on something really important to me, like quality leather boots.  And this coat, which is from Kilt and replaced an old one that had long past it’s use-buy.  This hat was a more expensive piece too.  But it is something I plan to have and love and wear for a very long time, so the money is well spent.  The pin on my lapel is more of a fun piece, from Madam Fancy Pants in Wellington.  But again, it’s something I love and I think that it has a timeless appeal.  I think it adds…. something, interest I suppose, to the coat and my look”.

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