Morrison Styles

Shelby English, Jay-Jay’s shopper

I love it that Morrison Styles is bringing diversity and character to Silk Purse, Oily Rag.  This week I talked with Shelby, whose street style look this week was all about Jay-Jays.  It’s great to meet a young person with a strong sense of who she is and how she wants to dress…

“We moved to Nelson from Australia where I was born to be closer to family.  My grandmother has not been well.  I really do love it here, compared with where we were.  The weather, the location, it’s just so much better.  I do miss some things about living there though.  They have some amazing huge malls and outlet malls that we just don’t have here.  At least not big ones like that here Nelson.  But the shopping is okay, and I am lucky that my Mum shops at Jay-Jays Morrison Square!  I like to borrow a few of her things and sometimes she gets things for me.  My own style is quite simple, like black and white mostly and jeans and tee-shirts.  Mum encouraged me to have a go at being photographed in my street style.”

Shelby wears sunglasses ($15), polkadot jumpsuit  ($44.99), faux leather biker jacket ($69.99) all from Jay-Jays at Morrison Square.  Her shoes are Vans ($120), available from  Amazon Surf Skate Demon also at Morrison Square.


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