Laura and I met at our kids’ gymnastics class and, among other things, discovered a shared love of fashion and creativity.  She is an example of someone who has an authentic sense of her own style, and an independent and confident fashion sense…

“I think that the only real constant in my approach to style is colour.  And change!  Change is important to me.  I like newness and get bored quite easily with my clothes.  I am constantly looking for something different and interesting, and I am always giving clothes away to my friends when I no longer enjoy wearing them.  That’s why I don’t really take an ‘investment buy’ approach to my wardrobe, as that longevity just isn’t there.  I like to make things too.  And one of the reasons I enjoy making clothes for myself is to get that newness and to create bright fun pieces that I can’t buy ready-made.  I also have sizing and fit issues, being quite short, and so making my own things enables me to design for my body shape.  No this outfit is not something I made, the top is by Augustine.  Maybe next time?”

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