A workmate ‘set us up’, so to speak.  She thought Leone and I would get along fantastically, and saw in Leone someone with a unique point of view on personal style and fashion.  She was right (thanks Pauline!) …..

“I love fashion because it is a form of expression. I have always been obsessed with clothes, and opshopping since I was a wee grasshopper with my Mum and Dad.  Of course the cost is a factor.  You get a thrill when you find something amazing for next to nothing! Fashion has given me confidence to be me, and really not give a rats about what others think. I dress for me. Yes, I think being different is important and probably always has been.  When I was a teen, I always found it funny how on mufti-day most people were wearing a uniform of what was ‘in fashion’. I was quiet I suppose, but never afraid to wear what I wanted to.  I know that intrigued some people. I have often been noticed for my unique style. Now I don’t care so much about any of that, I just dress the way I do because it’s me”.

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