My Style

When I went through the images to choose for this post, I was struck by the oddity of my boots.  I must admit that I don’t think they were a top choice, stylistically speaking.  Black boots or even some Docs or brogues probably would have kept the critics happier.  But here’s the deal – I don’t always dress for the pursuit of some sort of styled perfection.  Sometimes I choose things because they make me feel a certain way.  And I needed those boots last Friday.

Styling Notes

This look revolves around the dress.  It’s an authentic 1990s dress, in a maxi style that’s being re-hashed right now in main-stream fashion.  I love the rich rust colour and the bold black dots, and most of all I love the maxi length with floaty pleats.

While black might have been a first choice for accessories, I went for caramel tones.  I think this adds colour depth and texture in a way that black can’t.  The bag and belt blend so well, and tie in perfectly with the tortoise-shell sunglasses.

Black tights, a black watch and my old faithful black sleeveless coat-dress (with large circular eyelets)  keep the black spots connected.  I chose to work with the graphic spots by selecting earrings that repeated the form.  I liked that they were white – I never like to be too ‘matchy-matchy’, although the gold tones beautifully with the coppery detail of my belt buckle and bag details.  In the same vein, my heavy studded off-white boots were a bit of a contrast, chosen based on how I wanted to feel that day.  Strong and powerful, inspite of my floaty and feminine dress, and a little bit rebellious too.

My dress was an exciting treasure that I found at the Richmond Salvation Army Op-shop, quite recently.  My bag was also a second-hand find, although I bought it from Nostalgia in Nelson, some years ago now.  Both my Karen Walker glasses and Wynn Hamlyn coat were investment pieces bought on Layby from Palm.  My jewellery is a mixture of old and new, charity shop and chainstore, with statement earrings by my talented older sister Marita Green (similar ones are available from Craig Potton Gallery).

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