Morrison Styles

Angela Moss, Hartley’s Retail Assistant

I have known Angela for many years, as she has worked in fashion retail for some time.  However, I never knew her story.  I didn’t know about her genuine passion for clothes, and family history in dress-making.  It’s fantastic to be able to photograph her style and to find out a little more about the women behind the clothes….

“I have always loved fashion, and you could say that it is in our family.  We were tobacco farmers from the Motueka Valley, but my parents were a little unusual for the local culture in that they loved the arts, and encouraged the same in us.  My mother and my grandmother were very skilled dressmakers.  I had the most amazing outfits, beautifully coordinated and expertly made.  My mother always dressed impeccably, and had the most incredible outfits.  I regret that we didn’t keep some of them!  Being involved in fashion retail was quite natural for me I suppose you could say.  I do love clothes very much, and what I am wearing today, from Hartley’s is very me, very easy to wear.  Beautiful”

Angela wears top by Layered ($220) and skirt by Verge ($230) both from Hartleys at Morrison Square.

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