Morrison Styles

Kendyl Fouhy, Moochi Store Manager

I have known Kendyl for many years now, having worked with her on fashion editorial shoots as a make-up artist for Wild Tomato magazine.  And I think I have a mild case of girl crush on her!  Her bubbly, positive personality is infectious, and she is a boon for Morrison Square’s new Moochi Store, as Store Manager.  Her style is pretty fabulous too…

“Yes, I have always loved fashion! As a kid, I loved playing dress ups. From letting my big sister dress me in my mums clothing and lippy, to going through that ‘tom-boy’ stage.  I cut all my hair off and only shopped at Hallenstein’s. From that extreme, I spent my 20s working with designer fashion and with a fashion makeup brand. I do love Moochi!  It’s a label that lets me be whoever I want to.  The style is classic and clean and the base of everything. From there, I can build whatever I want. I can go from a black, minimalistic and slick look, to a T-shirt, jeans and kicks style. As I get older, I’m much more interested in investing in pieces that I will keep for years.  Moochi is perfect for that”.

Kendyl’s slip ($289), denim jacket ($299), cropped top ($199), handbag ($229), shoes ($329), earrings ($69.99) and scarf (on handbag, $79.99) are all available from Nelons’s Moochi store at Morrison Square.





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