My Style

I love my dungarees.  I wish I had discovered them sooner than 43 years into my life.  They make me feel youthful, boyish, and nerdy but cute.  And happy! Clearly these adjectives are good ones for me and my personal style.  They resonate with me.  Along with a pair of Doc Martens, a vintage blazer and a button up blouse, I feel ready to take on anything or anyone…

Styling Notes

This look revolves around the dungarees.  They are made from a velvety corduroy and I bought them purposefully on ‘the big side’.  Being a little loose, they are more flattering and have plenty of room for layers.  The opaque tights are essential – you won’t catch me wearing shorts of that length without them!

I love the white button-up shirt underneath.  It is such a clean, crisp combination that hints at some kind of school uniform.  My new black Doc Marten shoes were a perfect match for this nerdy vibe, as were the geeky glasses.

Style tip:  Neutral colours always work well together!  They also help to moderate more quirky or adventurous styles

My colour palatte was intentionally neutral, so to moderate the quirky look of the dungarees.  And to further raise it up to a level acceptable for the office, I chose to wear a more structured blazer. In this case, I went for a retro early 1990s one bought from a charity shop not so long ago.  The tan and black tweed colour combination is classic, and the golden tan-coloured tones of the blazer connect well with subtle details of other pieces in my look: the gold stitching on my Docs, the leather patch on my dungarees and my golden watch-pendant.

I didn’t plan it, but interestingly my bag, dungarees and white blouse were all purchases from Trouble & Fox.  My Doc Marten shoes were a very recent find from an shoe sale pop-up shop in the Richmond Mall.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found them – they are a pointed toe, classic leather style and the only pair left was my size!  My blazer was borrowed from my Trade Me shop.  I struggled to sell it, interestingly.  Such a find, and so perfect with this outfit.  Finally, my glasses are Age Eyewear frames from Matthews Eyewear and my watch pendant an Eclectic find.

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