Morrison Styles

Ligliana Garwood, Merric Sales Assistant

I know of Ligliana through her daughter Isabella, who modelled for Admire magazine when I was Fashion Editor there.  Both Isabella and Ligliana are stunning, naturally photogenic women, although Ligliana is not convinced and needs to be reminded of this!  She was a reluctant style subject, but as I am sure you will agree, she shouldn’t be…

“I have always loved fashion.  I have Italian heritage and a love of style is a big part of my upbringing and culture. From an early age I would raid my older sister’s wardrobe for clothes.  She was a couple of years older than me, and some of her things were much cooler than mine!  So it isn’t that surprising that I have long been involved in fashion retail.  I really do enjoy what I do.  I especially love talking and interacting with customers, helping them and getting to know them a little bit.  The best buzz is when someone comes in asking for ‘this, that and something else’, and I can go and find pieces for them.  I like to help them with outfit styling, and in making choices that are the best for them. It really is fantastic when you feel you’ve made someone happy and made a positive difference, however small.”

Ligliana wears top ($39.99), 7/8 stretch pants ($49.99), and black mesh tie up jacket ($29.99), all from Merric at Morrison Square.  Her necklace ($15.00) and ring ($10.00) are also from Merric.

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