Catherine and I talked about her recent trip overseas and how the right outfit really can help us to feel more elegant, stylish and beautiful.  Like this week’s ensemble, one bought in Rome, which makes her feel a million bucks.  And it really does show, as the photos prove…

“It certainly is an experience, shopping in some of those high-end designer stores overseas.  Many of them have doormen, that are a bit like bouncers I suppose!  Very intimidating.  And when we were there I was always dressed as a tourist, with sneakers and jeans.  Not really a picture of their typical customer!   But the assistant in the shop was incredibly helpful and the outfit is just perfect in so many ways.  The fit, styling and quality of the workmanship is amazing.  I honestly feel transformed in it.  It is from Dolce & Gabanna!  My husband adores their marketing imagery, their campaign.  I am not so sure this outfit screams ‘Dolce & Gabanna’, but I plan to have it forever.  No, the earrings are not from them, but you are right, they could be!  I got them here in Nelson, from Shine”

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