My Style

This outfit is one I’d like to think of as a ‘grown up’ outfit.  To me, it’s very sensible, and in keeping with the expectations of how I ought to dress.  Not necessarily boring (I hope!), grown up dressing for me is about playing by the rules.  Social-cultural ones, the unwritten ones that relate to our age, peer group and place of work.  Fitting in.  That said, I’d like to think that although it’s not very adventurous, it’s still very ‘me’ and has that essence of individuality that I admire in others…

Styling Notes

I chose to work my colour palatte from the silk top.  I wore a pink lip-stick (a rarity!) and  a green cardigan, which are accent colours in the silk print.  My anchor colour was black (shoes, earrings, bag) and grey is a natural companion this, perfect for my pants.

My earrings were really the statement piece for this outfit – they are Ronja Schipper earrings, that I purchased from Nelson’s Red Gallery.  They are made from re-cycled bicycle inner tubes!  It is rare that I buy spontaneously, but when I saw these I was struck by how clever and beautiful they are.  Once in a while, it’s good to follow your heart, and these earrings are a heart piece.

Give recognition to pieces that for whatever reason speak to your heart.  Filling your wardrobe with ‘heart’ items will guarantee you a fabulous personal style

My bag is an old favourite, although it is starting to show signs of serious wear and tear! I love it for many reasons, most of all that it is a vintage crocodile-skin handbag from the 1950s (an educated guess).  I had the chain strap added for practicality.  I like to be hands free!  Sometimes the signs of wear actually add value to me.  They say ‘authenticity’ and ‘character’ and I rate these two values highly.

Both my cardigan and my silk top were purchased from Shine, the silk top by Nelson designer Julian Danger.  My trousers are also by a Nelson Designer Liann Bellis, a designer who features well in my wardrobe.  However cheekily, I was actually  lucky to  pick these babies up second-hand!  My bag was purchased some years ago from Tula & Niles (no longer running, but cute in its day), and my shoes are ballerina flats that I found at Hannah’s.  As noted, my earrings were from Red Gallery, and my greenstone ring is a vintage piece I discovered at Eclectic.


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