Tessa J

I met Tessa behind the scenes at a Shine fashion show.  I was instantly struck by her independent yet well developed sense of fashion, which I admire.  This is less common in younger women, and so I am very much looking forward to photographing Tessa as part of the real style project…

“I would say my style is generally quite casual with a slight boho flair. I enjoy combining more modern pieces with second hand items, including those pinched from Mum’s wardrobe! The blouse and belt I am wearing are both about thirty years old and I found them in her wardrobe.  Of course I love the fact that they have the sentimental value, being Mum’s, but also the colours and print of the shirt are beautiful when you look closely. Also, despite their age, both pieces are in perfect condition, being really high quality and well looked after.  That is probably the most prominent lesson learnt in the last few years – Buy pieces that you really love and buy quality that you know will last.  Disposable fashion is definitely not the future!  Fashion is important to me because I like to feel comfortable and confident in myself, and what I wear makes a big difference.  I also love art and see clothes and jewelry as an extension of this”.

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