Sustainability in fashion is a hot topic at the moment.  Julie and I talked about how investing in pieces that ‘speak to your heart’ is a way of taking a long term approach to buying clothes.  Fewer clothes, but ones that fit with your lifestyle, you love more and you keep longer…

“I saw this jacket in a shop window in Hanmer Springs while on holiday a couple of years ago.  The shop was closed, but there was something about the jacket that had me coming back the next day for another look.  And I ended up buying it.  In the beginning I wasn’t too sure how I would wear it and what to wear it with!  But since then I have built a few looks around it.  It’s something that grabbed me from the start, for reasons I don’t really know.  Yes, a kind of heart response.  I wear a uniform to work, so I am ‘off-duty’ when I dress up.  This is the perfect piece for that.  It makes practical sense as well as appealing to my style”.

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