My Style

I made this skirt out of a curtain, the material purchased simply because I loved it.  Vintage curtain materials have a quality you can’t easily find in modern dress-making fabrics, being somehow heavier, richer and more detailed.  I was inspired to make the skirt from it after seeing a street-style image of a woman wearing a similar full and long floral skirt.  She was sipping coffee and reading a newspaper in a Parisian cafe’.  I wanted to be her, or be there with her.  But instead, I copied her clothes…

Styling Notes

Everything about this outfit revolves around my curtain-skirt, my one-of-a-kind piece that I think of as ‘wearable soft furnishings’.  With the basket, high-heeled sandles and cropped top it was shaping up to be a marvellously feminine combination. Girly-girly at its best!

But hyper-femininity? It’s just not me!  So I had to bring the look back to something that was.  I added an overtly masculine jacket, a vintage suede one, purchased on-line from the States.  And I wore a hat.  A nice mannish one, with plenty of substance to give me that boyish swagger I seem to be drawn to.

Balance is an important concept in fashion styling.  In this week’s outfit, I balanced highly feminine pieces with masculine ones…

Because there were so many strong key pieces, I didn’t really feel any need to do much with jewellery or make-up.   I wore a simple plaited leather belt, gold studs, my wedding ring and a brown leather watch.  My make-up was ‘no make-up make-up’.

The skirt was self-made, but I found the curtain material for it at Richmond Antiques and Curios.  My suede jacket was a wonderful treasure I discovered on Etsy, a gobal handcraft and vintage site for independent sellers.  It was sent to me by a dealer in the USA! My shoes are by NZ shoe designer Kathryn Wilson, and I bought them from Taylors shoes in Nelson.  My hat is a Brixton gem bought from Trouble & Fox and my top bought from Stacey in Richmond.  My bag and belt are second-hand pieces bought from charity shops.

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