Morrison Styles

Maxime Noir, Portman’s Store Manager

Unsurprisingly I am obsessed with clothes, and style.  But to be more precise, I get excited by people and things of style that inspire me.  And so I am always very curious about those things that inspire others’ style.  It was really neat to be able to catch up with Maxime again, to ‘dig a little deeper’ into what influences and inspires her…

“My style is a bit of a mish mash.  It’s a little bit of lots of different styles and looks made up of elements I’ve admired from other people’s style.  But yes there are definitely some women I look up to for inspiration.  Like Miroslava Dumas, an international fashion influencer. She is petite like me and she knows how to dress for it! I also like the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.  They are also tiny and their personal style pushes the boundaries of fashion for the petite. And I watch so much Korean drama that I can’t help but be influenced by their fashion too!  My wardrobe?  Well it’s full of dresses actually.  I really do love dresses, and it’s one of the things that I love about the Portmans brand.  Oh yes, funny that I’m not wearing a Portmans dress today, though I often do!”

Maxime wears jacket ($169.99), pant ($99.99), top (89.99 and sunglasses ($44.99), all from Portmans and available from their Nelson store at Morrison Square on Hardy Street.


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