I admire women who make things that contribute to their style. There’s something special about a self-made item.  Perhaps that it is even more authentic and unique because it was created by the wearer from scratch?  I was surprised to discover that not only did Laura make her top, but some of her jewellery too.  Clever lady!

“I love to make things, to create.  I think it is because you get something new and fresh, and I like the idea of actually doing it myself.  I made my top, a pattern from Sewing Revival.  I also made my bangles.  They are resin, and I made them here in New Zealand although I learnt how to do it in a workshop that I went to in Sydney.  The silver rings are also self made.  Yes, they are silver and each represents a member of my family.  I went to silversmith course in Thailand.  No, I don’t think I want to take it up as a hobby, it’s quite precise and fiddly and I can be a bit impatient!  I like to make things fast.  I think that’s why I enjoy sewing at the moment.  My bag was a Trade Me treasure, a tooled doctors bag.  Yes, it was a pretty amazing find!”

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