The Great Christmas Market is just around the corner (this Sunday!). It’s a market dedicated to the wares of local makers, creators and artists.  I caught up with its founder Paula Ossevoort to chat about the joys of making.  She shared some thoughts on sewing her own clothes that contribute to her style…

“I love making my own clothes!  So much, that it gets to the point where I feel frustrated if I don’t find the time to sew for myself. Working for Papercut Patterns part-time is always a huge source of inspiration.  Most of the time I’m there I’m dreaming up my next project. My skirt is my own take on one of Papercut’s new dress patterns.  It was a little tricky to manipulate as it’s all cut on the bias.  But I love the way it falls. I’ve made two of the original dress versions for myself too. Hunting for fabrics and bringing a concept to life is hugely satisfying.  My bag and slides are from my trip to Bali earlier this year and my necklace is from Cathy Pope.  The stone is a Carnelian”.

2 thoughts on “Paula

  1. Love the fabric choice for your Ravine dress; can you tell me what it is? It’s the perfect pink! I’m trying to find something like it online. Thanks so much, Emily


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