My Style

I’m gonna have to say, I’m just not that into this outfit!  It’s funny because it used to be a favourite.  Yet somehow I now find it vaguely boring.   Perhaps I wore too often last year?  Or maybe my style has evolved in recent times?  Who knows.  But I chose to photograph it anyway.  There are some great styling concepts illustrated by it, and it’s an example of a weekend look that involves the styling of contemporary pieces in a way that’s still ‘me’.


Styling Notes

Sometimes when I get dressed I just throw something on.  Usually these ‘throw on’ moments are when I’m not in the mood to give things too much thought, or I’m running out of time.  When I’m feeling like this, I reach for tried and true combinations – outfits I’ve worn before and I know they work.  This outfit is one such throw on outfit.

In essence it’s a very safe outfit.  Jeans and a contemporary top.  I’ve attempted to make it a little more interesting by throwing in a vintage neckscarf, worn at the neck.  Styled in this way the neckscarf it’s great for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, it’s a nice addition to the one-shouldered top I’m wearing, making it a little less skin-baring and complementing the neckline.  Secondly, it introduces a few other colourways such as beige and black, to the blue and white of my core pieces.  Using the scarf as my colour palate, I accessorised…

Use a multi-coloured, patterned scarf to unite or ‘tie together’ all of the colourways represented in your outfit.

The extra wide cuff is a quirky interpretation of the cropped, ankle breezer length trousers trend.  I also I wanted to make my jeans look more summery, casual.  And big cuffs are a great way to show of shoes.

My jeans are by NZ designer brand Workshop, but along with my scarf and handbag, they were a second-hand find!  My hat was bought from Cheryl Mackie and my shoes, from Andrea Biani (no longer in Nelson, sadly).  My necklace is a staple, a silver Karen Walker pendant I wear almost daily.  And my top is a Mesop treasure that I bought from Shine.

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