I look forward to seeing what Brooke will wear.  She is my inspiration for high-fashion.  She always manages to be on-trend without being a victim or a follower.  Like me, she’s no longer a spring-chicken (!), but she nails youthful without looking young….

“This is about the first time in weeks that I’ve actually gotten a little bit dressed up.  And it’s so nice to do!  We have been working on the house and so I have been in old clothes, painting and generally looking pretty daggy.  Yes, I do think that dressing up is important.  Maybe not to everyone in the same way, and maybe it’s more important to me because I love fashion?  Dressing up makes me feel good about myself.  It’s also a creative thing, and being creative is important.  I never compromise on comfort though, and in fact 70% of my wardrobe is denim!  I have Levi’s shorts, from when I was 14 years old, still in my wardrobe!  My top is by Ruby, shoes from Trouble and Fox, and Calvin Klein Bag was an online purchase”.

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