My Style

You might not think that dressing like a nerdy librarian is very cool. But then, what’s the definition of cool? I think of ‘cool’ as being a little rebellious (in my case, against high fashion and being ‘sexy’), wearing clothes with attitude, and expressing non-conformity without regret.  At least, that’s some of the main things that ‘being cool’ means to me.  Of course it’s not always easy to do this, especially if your view of things differs from most peoples’.  In my case, I struggle with my inner nerd, and of expressing her in a way that doesn’t also make me feel too self-conscious.  Afterall, nerds aren’t cool….

Styling Notes

I love long nerdy librarian dresses.  They suit my shape and my sense of feminity, which is never ‘sexy’ nor ‘girly’, but understated.  I also love nerdy elements, like thick framed glasses, nanna knitwear and lace-up brogues.  You could say, this look was built up from all of the nerdiest things that I love.

I chose warm-toned accessories to stand out against the cool grey tones of the dress.  I also chose to work with some of the more subtle details of the dress, such as the boxy styling of the pockets and neckline, repeating those angular references with boxy glasses frames and a rectangular handbag.  Similarly, I repeated the triangle shape in the bag weave, with the ‘v’ knit pattern in the cardigan, the shark’s tooth earrings and silver tooth pendant.

Shapes and patterns on and of clothes and accessories can be a strong styling theme that can unite things and create a visual belonging…

Yes, you’d be right in thinking something like “all of these details are so subtle, they’d not be noticed by anyone!” And you’d be right.  But for me, this makes the most wonderful of outfits – It’s one where otherwise disconnected elements ‘speak to one another’.  It’s one where the wit of it is in the details.

My bag was one bought in Indonesia while on holiday, many years ago now.  It’s a gorgeous piece, and I love the fact that I bought it from the woman who made it.   My shoes are old faithfuls, by Elk from Shine.  My glasses are a gorgeous pair of frames by Age Eyewear, purchased from Matthew’s Eyewear.  They were originally sunglasses, but I loved the shape of them so much I had them converted to eyeglasses! My dress was a recent purchase from an op-shop, found whilst treasure-hunting for my Trade Me Shop.  My shark’s tooth earrings and belt were also op-shop finds.

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